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Wow what a title for a song... Actually, I could say a lot of things about this, but it would make no sense for you sir at al. So I am not going to do that. With less words, it's a bad title.

Can you teach me how can I make something like this please? I love this song very much! Also I'm making a remix of Frog Forest, but I need to make it better and I don't know how :/

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

I suggest letting the music come to you. Keep listening to the original, but try to think of things you yourself would add to it or replace something with. I can't tell you how you're feeling, or what good memories tick your mind. Usually that correlates to what you put down in your song.

The first time that I heard this song was in one of Rulas's Geometry Dash tutorials and after that I was searching everywhere for this track. And now I finally found it and I love it! <3 Nice work Rukkus ;)

I like more the old good purity. Thought that it is 2016. Every year everything changes. This one as well. Very nice work tho. I'm into music a lot lately, but I cannot make a fully track yet. I wanted to know if you could show us some of your skills so we can get an idea ;)

Jumper responds:

Thank you for your honnest comment. I really appreciate it. :)

And of course I can give you some advice. Just PM me and tell me what is preventing you from going forward or just what you want to know about how I kake my music and I'll see what I can do.

It's very cool man. And I'm trying too to make a remix, but I'm not good at making music :/ If you could help :)

Yay! Another great song again :D This reminds me of some old 8bit Pokemon battles XD I have a question: the "X" means the number 10 or is it a kind of a project? Also can you make more tutorials please? Thanks :)

Omg Striden... You made it! Finally! Lvl 5 is here :D Very good work man. And now as we all know, this song will be used lots of times in Geometry Dash of course... But I'm not going to use it because I don't make good levels in there :P I just like to listen to your music man :)

DJStriden responds:

Thank you so much!! ^_^ Glad you like it! :D Hahah, can't believe another GD success xD

OMG so awesome!!!!!!! Very nice work :D

DetiousMusic responds:

Thank you! :)

Will you make a full version of this please? <3

Is there a full version? If not then can you make it? :o

steampianist responds:

ill think about it :3

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